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deviation in storage by StarRoivas
deviation in storage by StarRoivas
Hei fellas.

I imagine that I might as well have a journal entry here this year. Mostly I just want to say to the friends and fellow photographers I've met around these parts that I'm still making photography and sharing them with the internet, just not so much at dA these days. And although I do have a pile of backlog in all my watches I also make a point to log in here every so often when I am in the mood to browse through these deviations and journals. And, well, since I notice a number of others are throwing up a journal entry to let us know of updates to their blogs, I think I will do the same. One of my favourite aspects of dA was always the subtle reciprocation between photographers, for many of which I have great respect. I hope still to encourage that community, especially among the dying breed of film photographers.

So here's a bit of my recent updates since I began developing an old pile of films this summer.
  1. Beginning in February; We Were Promised Jetpacks and I'll promise you fish
    Photos of Scottish band We Were Promised Jetpacks as well as an exciting trip to the Vancouver Aquarium!
  2. Slowdays; spring portraits.
    A low-key entry of casual spring moments and portraits.
  3. The Beginning and the End
    A tribute to post-metal band Isis.
  4. Snappy snappings
    A collection of snapshots of the friends and family variety.
  5. Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Bump Pow!
    Things that happened in June including Bob Log III in concert.

In the near future I'll post some photography from a little work/leisure traveling that I did this summer in Washington, DC and New York.

If you're like me and you're blogging or posting elsewhere more than you're sharing at dA I hope you'll link yourself here in case we've lost touch. My photography is likely a lot more interesting than yours, but I still wouldn't mind looking at it to entertain myself!

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Kind of adorable confusion.
South Georgia & S. Sandwich Islands
we grow and flourish, and rarely see the outside dark that would confound our eyes.

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Back again? How many accounts do you have now?
leaisa Jul 28, 2010
one, are you still in Canada?
I meant how many have you had, but I guess they don't count anymore if they're banned. I am in Canada.
really inspirational gallery !
Well, thanks twice. It's almost like you came in response to my journal and if you left more inspired we're both winning at life.
what a great way to put it..i'll look forward to seeing more of your work
you'll have to settle for my play.
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