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deviation in storage by StarRoivas
deviation in storage by StarRoivas


-Got the Leica back from service and it's feeling great.

-I am feeling in a super transitional phase at the moment. Moving in T minus 5 days. This has me both excited and anxious for a great many reasons.

-Went to the high school 10 year reunion last weekend. Didn't know what to expect and still don't know what to think.

-Been seeing the family more often than usual. That is something I have enjoyed.

-I continue to show new photography at my blog: I still enjoy at least the prospect of community interactions on dA, and I'm unsure of what I really feel like I should be doing here anyway, but the photo blog is definitely helping me to organize not only what I've been shooting but also to organize and perhaps better understand some aspects of my life.

-I've felt my ability to read degrade lately with the anxiety and stress and distractions. Dealing with stress is not something in which I feel well practiced. There are times when I have been asked how I deal with it and the truth is... it's not that I work well under stress, it's that most times I just don't feel it. Faced with the feeling, I haven't been proud of the way I meet it.

-I've kicked around the idea of going back to school the last while. I really wish that it was not so far from seeming practical.

-Since the summer my social life has overwhelmed me. I mean that quite seriously. I am so unskilled at managing the presence of an array of social responsibilities and expectations and my inability has been embarrassing on numerous occasions. Yet as I have expressed in the past, this notion bears repeating; my existence is flattered by the individuals who surround me. These individuals are of my closest friends, my newer friends, my family, as well as my internet acquaintances - themselves some of whom I'd be pleased to call my closer friends. I know that there are those among the tubes here and around that may only be pseudo-connections but I feel them the same and I do not stop thinking of all of you. To everyone upon the preceding list I'd just like to say 'thank you.' My success or failure will never be determined by a lack of granted inspiration. I know this more than anything.
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Kind of adorable confusion.
South Georgia & S. Sandwich Islands
we grow and flourish, and rarely see the outside dark that would confound our eyes.

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really inspirational gallery !
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